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Information for our english researchers

If you’re looking for ancestors from the local area, you’ve come to the right place. Most of your research can be done online at home.
If you want to use the archive at Luragogasse 4, please call or write an e-mail so you can use one of our 10 working spaces. We do have 2 computers with access to the internet and matricula online if you need our parish registers.
You can always contact us regarding your questions by e-mail. We’d gladly help you with your research.



Our service at and scientific research is for free. You only have to pay charges when you are using our documents at the archive for private use or when you commission us for your whole research.


Parish registers:

Our parish registers are available at and they date back to the time when records began up until 1894. It's completely free and without any need of registration. You can switch the language of the website to english, too.
That's the reason why we don't pass any of the original books to researchers in the archive. Even our old books which were blocked for conservational resasons are now accessable on the internet.
You can find a list of all our books and parishs here.


Register database:

You can search for names on in our database. It's available in english too, you just need to create an account for free.


Restriction period:

All parish registers are subject to restriction. You only have access to registers older than 120 years. In case you need any information younger than that please consult the local register office.
All other documents are subject to a restriction of 40 years.



Because of conservational reasons we do not print copies of archival documents like parish books. But it's possible to order a scan which we'd gladly send to you.
Taking pictures in the reading room is not permitted.



Your archival requests will be answered by our staff (Mr Michael Lang or Mr Wolfgang Fronhoefer). Don't hesitate to get in touch.